August 2, 2019

What Kind Of Events Are Detected On Samdesk? [Part 1]

Charlotte Lynch by Charlotte Lynch

Samdesk analyses millions of social media posts per day to find crisis events happening in real-time, enabling clients to plan accordingly around situations that may impact their employees and day-to-day business operations. But what kind of events are detected on samdesk? We take a look at a few of the events Samdesk Alerts clients on: 

Weather Related Events 

From avalanches and earthquakes to floods and tsunamis, natural disasters and inclement weather wreaks havoc wherever it lands. The cost can be huge to big businesses relying on supply chain running like clockwork or employees travelling to conferences and business partners overseas. It’s estimated that extreme weather caused $215B in economic losses in 2018 alone and, with risks to the climate greater than ever before, shows no signs of stopping. Knowing and preparing for these types of events is therefore critical.

Transportation Disruptions

Though transportation disruptions are not always catastrophic, they are important to be aware of when planning travel for employees to ensure their safety. samdesk recently picked up details of civil unrest at Hong Kong Airport three minutes before it was scheduled to start, alerting clients to the situation before some countries issued more warnings to citizens advising them to check before they fly.

Hazmat Incidents

Safety incidents ranging from simple spills to major spills and emergencies are all part of what samdesk will alert to, whether the substance is known or not. Recently, a Samdesk Alert went out to clients letting them know of unknown chemicals found by police in a residential property, leading to the evacuation of sixty properties within the area.

Community Incidents

While smaller scale incidents in residential areas may not always be vital for big corporations, they are still important to their employees and smaller businesses who work within the community. This is why samdesk detects events with street level precision where possible and works to let you know the severity of an event as it unfolds.

Active Assailants 

There are often very early indications on social media when there is an active assailant situation. Samdesk takes these signals and alerts on the threat and then, if an incident occurs, what has happened as a result. For example, what may be alerted as a gun threat initially could be updated to a shooting if it transpires that a shooting has occurred.

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