July 25, 2019

Case Study: How PA Media Finds Breaking News Using SAM

Charlotte Lynch by Charlotte Lynch

PA Media is the UK’s leading provider of multimedia content and services, delivering a wide variety of breaking news notifications and curated content. We’re pleased to be supporting their newsroom so they can be at the forefront of breaking news around crisis situations as quickly as possible. We spoke with SAM power-user Stephen Jones, Social Media Editor at PA Media, who talked in depth about how they use SAM to help stay true to their ethos of being ‘fast, fair and accurate’.

PA Media’s clients expect them to be on top of any breaking and developing news stories when it comes to crisis events, so SAM is a perfect match with our ability to use AI to detect crisis events within minutes of occurrence. Not only this, but SAM will continue to update the alert as the story develops, providing that vital context and situational awareness to help PA Media deliver the most in depth and up-to-date content possible. In the case study, we discuss:

  • Early Indication
    SAM’s ability to scan a huge range of publicly available data and analyse chatter helps PA Media get ahead of official sources.
  • Multimedia Gallery
    SAM pulls in images and videos from all platforms to give greater situational awareness, as well as provide PA Media with leads for visual content.
  • Fast, Fair and Accurate
    PA Media’s ethos is fast, fair and accurate and SAM helps them deliver on that statement.
  • Cutting Through the Noise
    The problem with keyword based tools like TweetDeck that can often bring more noise and distractions than signal.

If you’d like to read the full case study and hear, in their own words, why PA Media chose SAM as their social alerting platform then download the PDF below.


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