March 26, 2019

SAM Taps into the VK Firehose

James Neufeld by James Neufeld

Today we’re excited to announce that SAM is tapping into the full VKontakte (also known as VK) firehose! This means that our platform is now able to scan all VK public posts to detect crisis events with greater speed and accuracy across the many countries that use VK as their main social media platform.

The addition of VK brings previously hard-to-monitor areas that hold significant global relevance, as well as growing business hubs, straight to the SAM platform. VK is currently in an exciting period of growth in countries like Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, Poland and Ukraine, consistently in the top 10 websites used in those countries.* Our event detection algorithms work in many languages, including the native languages of these countries, resulting in SAM alerts with even greater speed and accuracy.

Over the past few months our Data Science and Social Intelligence teams have been working closely with VK UGC (User Generated Content) and have already seen how valuable it is for both breaking news events and corroborating disparate social media feeds. VK posts are alerting events that would have otherwise gone undetected, as well as bolstering posts coming in via Twitter and Snapchat to provide a more thorough and complete picture of on the ground events for SAM clients.

VK is an extremely important data source when it comes to understanding what is happening within Russia and neighbouring countries, and is consistently proving to be a leader over other social media platforms in SAM, as illustrated below:

VK is also helping corroborate events happening across the globe by boosting the information coming into SAM’s AI, making it quicker and easier for SAM users to get complete situational awareness. This is increasing the speed of a number of alerts within the platform:

We are also detecting events in the earliest instances, which would have otherwise gone undetected without the support of VK posts:

Starting today, all SAM users will begin to see VK supported alerts and posts woven into their Streams. Each data source is a big step forward for SAM as each social media platform helps make SAM quicker and more accurate in detecting and corroborating the events our clients need to know about. Having VK as a source of information in addition to Snapchat and Twitter means SAM is able to pull in more real-time data, pushing us further towards our mission of being the fastest and most reliable way to know what is happening anywhere in the world.

Ultimately, we’re most excited to be pulling in the VK firehose as it helps our clients understand important global and local events. Be it a first responder, security team, newsroom or customer care team, we want to help them provide an effective response that makes a meaningful impact on the jobs we entrust them to do.

Look out for lots of VK posts popping up in your SAM Streams!

*Alexa’s Top Sites for Countries March 2019

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