July 25, 2018

NEW FEATURE: Filter by the Sources You Trust

Jordan Ching by Jordan Ching

Today we’re making it easier to hone in on the sources you trust with our new Filter by Source feature.

Often we detect the first signals of a disruption from social chatter – bystanders witnessing an event who take to social media to share. While this is an incredibly fast way to detect events, as the situation develops other voices can offer important details, official statements, or indeed provide a more trustworthy overview of the incident. No matter if you are focused on the pure speed of chatter or need to wait for official statements we want to make it easy for you to find those voices.

Starting today you can now filter breaking information by three source categories; Official, News, and Chatter.

Official: Tweets from official sources like Police, Fire and Government

News: Tweets from news organisations and journalists

Chatter: Tweets from eye-witness or those comment on the event

To see those Tweets from these sources, simply filter your feeds in the event window. Voila!

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