April 29, 2013

We’re Just Getting Started

James Neufeld by James Neufeld

Welcome to the SAM blog. Day by day we inch closer to releasing our first version of SAM. We can hardly wait.

We started building SAM with a few core beliefs about life, the media industry and social media. First, we wanted to build something to be proud of and pour our lives into creating a truly great product and company. Second, the media industry is a tough business. We recommend that any media tech companies look deep into the core values they provide. For us, it’s all about content. It’s what the industry revolves around and what we pin our success on. SAM exists to find, identify and manage the new world of real-time content and their creators. Which is also our third belief. Social networks have matured and serve as the conduit of content and information around the world. We simply lack the a proper asset management tool to realise it’s full potential.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be debuting our product to select early adopters. We’ve already been working with many great individuals and brands and we will continue to do so as we keep building SAM. We are only just getting started.

For those of you who are already on the waiting list, we’ll be reaching out in the coming weeks to setup your account (as we can handle the load). For those of you who are not yet signed up, we’d love to get you on our list and show you what we’ve been working on.

Welcome to the beginning.

Your Founding Team,

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