April 7, 2021

4 Free Tools to Verify Online Information Faster

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Tips and Tricks

4 Free Tools to Verify Online Information Faster

Every second counts in a crisis. Samdesk aims to save you as much time as possible, and...

Downtown skyline of Charlotte, North Carolina
Case Study

Case Study: Charlotte Hornets

Managing large-scale live events and ensuring the safety of high profile athletes, staff and fans all while...

Case Study

Case Study: University of Alberta

Learn how samdesk helps the University of Alberta stay ahead of incidents on a global scale.


Webinar: How to Verify and Trust Social Media for Security Operations

Join samdesk's Head of Real-Time Coverage for a 30-minute practical session.


How an event like the Capitol Hill riots can distract you

A guide on wading through the noise.

Company News

Samdesk taps into Nextdoor as their first ever public data partner

Effective crisis response hinges on getting accurate information fast, but often the time to first awareness makes...

Crowds of people cross intersection in Shibuya City, Japan.
Tips and Tricks

Embracing Risk: Not all social media threats are created equal

Widespread user adoption of social media has proven to present multifaceted challenges to organizations. Online channels can...

Black and white photo of Beirut Port after 2020 explosion
The Breakdown Uncategorized

Responding to the Beirut Explosion

Learn how you can act faster with more confidence in the midst of a crisis and monitor...

Case Study

CASE STUDY: How SAM is helping Amnesty International in their mission to protect human rights

Social media is a critical place for us to research and verify evidence of war crimes and...

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